Claire Boren creates thickly layered, expressive work in which her paintings reveal a creative process that is boldly intuitive yet finely controlled. She begins her paintings in an explosive, spontaneous manner, later developing the work more deliberately. Using thick oil sticks directly on canvas or paper without the intermediary of tools, she will sometimes layer acrylic washes, and then work in pen, pencil and other media. She works in a wide range of media and styles including mixed media paintings, collages, assembled boxes and sculptures, and monoprints. Her most recent work delves more directly into abstract forms, with layered applications that both obscure and transform the underpainting, creating fields of tension. She has studied with artists including Isaac Sawyer and Richard Diamond in addition to training at The New School, Arts Student League and Art New England Workshops. She has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows, including the Carter Burden in New York City and at the inaugural opening for the new Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education.